Patent Law I

The protection and valorisation of technological and commercial assets of a company is essential.

The technological asset of a company is the set of knowledge for product manufacturing (R&D included), the production processes, and the service performance.

The main tool to protect and increase the value of the technological assets of a company is the patent.

1.   The commercial asset of a company includes, among the others, the "company name" and the relevant "product or service names" or "logos", which are used every day to promote the company in the market. The main tool to enhance such a commercial asset is the trademark.

2.   The portfolio of patents, trademarks and other assets, if any, constitute the Intellectual Property asset of a company. Especially in the technological advanced fields, such a portfolio may constitute one of the most important and economic "intangible assets" of a company. Consequently, it is essential to take care of it more and more.


Patent Law II

The course aims at introducing and going deeply in the matter of Patent Searches.

The course is organized in two main phases: in the first one distinction between a “freedom to operate” search and a “prior art” search will be held by a classical lecture, inwhich searching strategy for both cases will be explained and differences will bediscussed.

In the second phase students will be divided in groups and will perform a patent search on a specific subject given by the teacher, firstly by setting a search strategy and then by using available free patent search databases on the web, particularly the one of the European Patent Office.

At the end each group will be asked to briefly present to the classroom its work and discuss the achieved results.



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