The aim of the course is to provide the participants with the necessary tools on the new technologies of information and communication to help them in their everyday tasks as researchers.

The courses will focus on the following topics:

»      Basic introduction to computer hardware and software: Here the goal is to be able to identify a simple problem and explain it, in adequate terms, to the IT technician in order to solve your problem in a short period of time. Also we will answer the fundamental question: what software should I use for a specific task?

»      Templates (word and PowerPoint): We will learn how to create, modify and use a template in order to draft a paper, prepare a poster and make a PowerPoint presentation. Tips will be given for making an enticing PowerPoint presentation.

»      References manager: drafting a paper with many references could be tricky. Here we will define our needs in terms of references manager.

»      Social networks and e-reputation: We will see the difference between the professional network and facebook and twitter.

»      An overview of project management tools will be provided (Gantt diagrams, Web calendar, file sharing and web search).




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