Below you can find the curriculum vitae of School Director, Deputy Directors, and  lecturers, listed in alphabetical order by surname.


Prof. Mario Agostino Rocca – School Director






Born in Genoa (Italy) on June 27th 1956. Master in physics at the University of Genoa on Dec 1981. PhD studies at the Forschungsanlage Juelich (Germany) as DAAD Stipendiat. Doctor Rerum Naturae at the Technische Hochschule of Aachen (Germany) in June 1985.

Since March 1984 he is Research staff member and since November 2001 Full Professor in Condensed Matter Physics at the Department of Physics of the University of Genoa (Italy). His research work is in experimental surface physics and nanoscience with emphasis on gas surface interaction, simple chemical reactions, surface plasmons and ultrathin films. The research work has been performed in collaboration with CNR, firstly with the CFSBT and then IMEM.

Since 2001 he has been responsible for the Erasmus student exchange programme for physics of the University of Genoa and since 2008 for the Erasmus Mundus International Master Serp Chem ( in Material Science and for the International Summer School on Science Management. From 2002 to 2005 he has been the Deputy Director of the Department of Physics of the University of Genoa.

He chaired the 6th edition of the conference Vibrations at Surfaces in 1993, the 26th edition of the European Conference on Surface Science in 2009 ( and the 16th edition of the International conference on solid films and surfaces of 2012 ( ). He has been member of the advisory boards of the main conferences in his field.

He has published about 175 papers in international scientific journals, (about 20 with impact factor larger than 7, one paper in Nature). His H-index is 32 (according to ISI and Scopus) and 36 (Google Scholar). His scientific results were presented in 35 invited talks at international conferences and about 70 invited seminars at universities and research laboratories. He is secretary of the Surface Science Division of IUVSTA and member of the scientific board of the Union of Scientists for Disarmament.

The more detailed curriculum vitae can be downloaded from the web page .



Fabrizio Barberis – Risk Capital and Funding and Deputy Director of the School





Fabrizio Barberis Is Assistant Professor at University of Genoa (UNIGE), Italy, where teaches Material Science and Composite Materials at Engineering and at the Science, Chemical and Physics Faculties.
He is member of the Board of Chemical Eng. Ph.D and Biomedical Eng. Ph.D courses of University of Genoa.
He spent some years in the board of the European Society for Biomaterials – YSF while he has been affiliated to CNR – National Research Council.

He’s head of the integrated Material Lab (UNIGE and Zwick/Roell) and delegate on behalf of University of Genoa to Alliance for Materials-A4M at Instruction and Research Ministry.
He is Deputy-Director of School of Science Management for Scientists and Engineers (Sosmse-Unige) and Member of the International Master in Advanced Materials (SerpChem), while has been board member and teacher of numerous Master in Technology Transfer hold by UNIGE with external partners.
He is secretary of TC113 (Nanotechnologies for Systems and Electronics products) of Italian Electrotechnical Committee – CEI , referee for Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and panelist for spin off selection for Italian and foreign bodies.

DICCA- Piazzale J.F.Kennedy 1, Pad D, Fiera del Mare, 16129-Genova Tel. +39 010 353 6566; Fax: +39 010 353 6034;



Prof. Sandrine Lacombe – Personal Professional Project and Deputy Director of the School





Vice-President of International Relations, Univ. Paris Sud,

Head of the team Nanomedicine and Hadrontherapy

Inst.Molecular Sciences Orsay, Univ Paris Sud/CNRS, Orsay, France

Coordinator of the European Marie Curie ITN programme ARGENT « Advanced Radiotherapy Generated by Nanoprocesses and Technologies »

Director of the European Erasmus Mundus  Master Course SERP-Chem « Surface, Electro-, Radiation, Photo-Chemitry »


tel:+33(0)6 10 52 21 85     

tel:+33(0)1 69 15 76 96                                                             



Science: Ion interaction, Particle therapy, Nanosciences, Nanomedicine

Transversal skills:  International Relations for higher education, European projects


Degrees :

  • 2003: Habilitation (Univ Paris-Sud, Orsay, France)

  • 1994: PhD in sciences – (Univ Paris-Sud, Orsay, France)- with honors

  • 1991: MSc in chemical physics (Univ Paris-Sud, Orsay, France)

  • 1990: Bsc in chemical physics (Univ Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France)


Experience in research:

  • 2010-present: Senior scientist (Inst. of Molecular Sciences, Univ Paris Sud/CNRS/Univ Paris Saclay).
  • 20004-2009: Senior scientist (Lab. of Atomic & Molecular Collisions Univ Paris-Sud, CNRS) .
  • 2003-2004: Invited researcher (CHU Sherbrooke, France, group : Prof. M.Huels).
  • 1995-1996: Postdoc (Fritz-Haber Institut der Max Planck Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany, group : G. Ertl – Nobel 2007).



  • 2015-present Award for research & doctorate training (Univ Paris Sud, Orsay, France)                                
  • 2016 International Research Collaboration Award (Univ Sydney, Australia) 2016
  • 2010-2014 Award for scientific excellence (Univ Paris Sud, Orsay, France)                                                    
  • 1995-1996 Fritz Haber fellowship (Max Planck Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany)                                          
  • 1991-1994 National PhD fellowship (French Ministere of Research)                                                             



  • 2 postdocs                                

  • 5 PhD’s (100%) & 2 PhD’s (50%)

  • 8 masters students


Editorial activities:

  • Cancer Nanotechnology – Edition Spinger (Member of editorial boards)

  • Advances in Physics : X (APX) – Edition Taylor and Francis (Member of the editorial board)



    LIST of 5 KEY PUBLICATIONS (among 72):


  • L. Stefančíková, et al, Cell localisation of gadolinium-based nanoparticles and related radiosensitising efficacy in glioblastoma cells. Cancer Nanotechnology 2014 in press

  • E Porcel, et al Gadolinium-based nanoparticles to improve the hadrontherapy performances. Nanomedicine : Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medecine 2014 in press

  • K. Kobayashi et al, Enhancement of radiation effects by heavy elements. Mutation Research-Reviews in Mutation Research 704, 123 (2010).

  • E. Porcel et al, Platinum nanoparticles : a promising material for future cancer therapy? Nanotechnology 21, 85103  (2010). 

  • N. Usami et al, Comparison of DNA breaks at entrance channel and Bragg peak induced by fast C6+ ions. Influence of the addition of high-Z platinum atom on DNA. Journal of Radiation  Research 51, 21(2010).



Anna Cossetta  –  Communication




  • Sociologist, PhD. in Social Sciences Research Methodology  Master Corporate Finance and Investment Banking, Degree cum laude in Political Science.
  • Adj. Professor in  Sociology at University of Genoa, Digital Marketing at IULM, Milan.
  • Chair at Research Group on Gift, Member of Scientific Committee of: 

    • Digital Ethnography Research Center,
    • Societing,
    • Cidel,
    • KIP International School, (Knowledge Innovations, Policies and Territorial Practices),
    • Generativity Archive (Social Innovation Practices).

More than 15 years experience in Sociologic Research (private and public).

More than 10 years experience in international cooperation (emergency assessment needs, research, life long learning).

Publication topics: digital methodology, web and sharing economy, gift, development economics, social innovation, school-to-work transition, young adult, smart city.




Ivan Coste Manière – Economy Management






  • Professor of Marketing
  • Dedicated Faculty SKEMA BS (CERAM Business School) since 2006.
  • Affiliated professor since 2000. Scientific Director, MSc Luxury & Fashion
  • Management

Interests / Expertise 

Research Interests

  • Advertising strategies, International Luxury Brand Management, Communication, Event

Teaching Interests

  • Advertising Strategies (M2) – English,
    International Luxury Brand Management (MSc) – English,Communication and Advertising (MSc) – EnglishState of the Art in Luxury & Fashion (MSc) – English
  • Concours de Vente (L3) – French,
    MarCom (MSc) – EnglishInternational Marketing (bachelor) – EnglishLuxury Brand Management (M2) – EnglishTQG (L3) – FrenchIntegrated Communication in Fashion and Luxury (MSc) – EnglishMedia & Société (L3) – FrenchLuxury Industry (MSc) EnglishInternationalization of Firms (MSc)- English


  • Entrepreneurship, chemistry, aviation, luxury, innovation and entrepreneurship, international brand management

International Interests

  • Central Asia


  • English, german, french


  • France

Research Interests

  • Advertising strategies, International Luxury Brand Management, Communication, Event

Teaching Interests

  • Advertising Strategies (M2) – English,
    International Luxury Brand Management (MSc) – English,Communication and Advertising (MSc) – EnglishState of the Art in Luxury & Fashion (MSc) – English
  • Concours de Vente (L3) – French
    MarCom (MSc) – EnglishInternational Marketing (bachelor) – EnglishLuxury Brand Management (M2) – EnglishTQG (L3) – FrenchIntegrated Communication in Fashion and Luxury (MSc) – EnglishMedia & Société (L3) – FrenchLuxury Industry (MSc) EnglishInternationalization of Firms (MSc)- English

Academic Background

  • Doctorat   Université de Marseille (F),  Marseille, France,  Engineering,  1987
  • Master   Université Aix Marseille II,  Marseille, France,  D.E.A. postgraduate degree in Organic Chemistry,  1984
  • Other   E.S.C.M. (ENSPICAM, Centrale Marseille),  Marseille, France,  Chemical Engineering,  1984


  • Academically Qualified

Work Experience


  • Associate Dean for Marketing, SKEMA Business School (2010 – Present).
  • Visiting Professor, Universities of Genoa, Poznan, Porto et Paris Sud Orsay (2010 – Present).
  • Scientific Director of MSc Luxury & Fashion Management, SKEMA Business School (2009 – Present).
  • Visiting Distinguished Professor, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and Business School (2009 – Present).
  • Visiting Lecturer, IIFT (2007 – Present).
  • Visiting Distinguished Professor, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (2007 – 2009).
  • Lecturer, EDHEC & Espeme NICE (2006 – 1994).
  • Lecturer, IDRAC (2004 – 2006).
  • Lecturer, IUT Cannes (2004 – 2006).
  •  Professor of Marketing, SKEMA Business School (1998 – Present).
  • Visiting Lecturer, Université de la Méditerranée (1990 – Present).


  • Administrator of Laboratory Pilots, SBI (Group VIAG / SKW and Sanofi-Aventis) (1994 – 1995).
  • Research Engineer, SANOFI INDUSTRIES (1987 – 1994).
  • Research Engineer, Hoffman Laroche Switzerland : Center of Pharmaceutical Researches (1983 – 1985).

Consulting Experience

  • 1997:  'KATO International', 1997-1999 Consultant; Regions: Egypt, Uganda, Ukraine, Peru, Cote d'Ivoire, Russia, Ukrainia.
  • 1996:  ADT Consultant in Communications, Organisation of Events & Advertising


Courses Taught

Courses taught, but not in the Schedule:

  • Advertising Strategies (M2) – English,
  • International Luxury Brand Management (MSc) – English,
  • Communication and Advertising (MSc) – English
  • State of the Art in Luxury & Fashion (MSc) – English
  • Concours de Vente (L3) – French
  • MarCom (MSc) – English
  • International Marketing (bachelor) – English
  • Luxury Brand Management (M2) – English
  • TQG (L3) – French
  • Integrated Communication in Fashion and Luxury (MSc) – English
  • Media & Société (L3) – French
  • Luxury Industry (MSc) English
  • Internationalization of Firms (MSc)- English

Intellectual Contributions

Intellectual Contributions Grid 






Articles in Refereed Journals





Publications of Non-refereed or Invited Papers





Books, Monographs, Compilations, Manuals, Supplements, Chapters, Cases, Readings





Presentations of Refereed Papers











  • Hoffmann, J. & Coste-Manière, I. (2013).  Global Luxury Trends: Innovative Strategies for Emerging Markets Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Hoffmann, J. & Coste-Manière, I. (2012).  Luxury Strategy in Action Palgrave Macmillan.

Chapters, Cases, Readings, Supplements 


  • Hoffmann, J. & Coste-Manière, I. (2013). Introduction,  In Hoffmann, J., Coste-Manière, I. (Ed.), Global Luxury Trends: Innovative Strategies for Emerging Markets. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Coste, I. & Panchout, K. (2011). The Evolution of the Luxury Market: Stairway to Heaven?,  In Hoffmann, J., Coste-Manière, I. (Ed.), Luxury Strategy in Action. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Coste-Manière, I. & Shanker, R. (2010). Luxury services,  Services Marketing.

Presentations of Refereed Papers 


  • Coste, I. (2011). FRom traditional marketing to multi-luxurious parameters strategy.   Leather Fair New Delhi, New Delhi, India.
  • Coste-Manière, I. (2010). Vibrant luxury and the optimization of ROMI.   National Marketing Symposium, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, India.
  • Coste-Manière, I. (2009). Incredible India : The shift to Gen X and Y in the indian Hospitality.   Ministery of Tourism, Indian Institute of Technolgy, New Delhi, India.
  • Coste-Manière, I. (2008). Green India and the IT Industry.   ITC The Sonar, National Marketing Symposium, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Kolkata, India.


Service to the Institution

College Assignments


  • 2012-2013:  Executive Committee Faculty

Other Institutional Service Activities:

  • 2010-2011:  Dr. Ivan Coste Manière is Director of the MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management at SKEMA Business School 5sophia Antipolis, Suzhou) and of the Global Luxury Management Dual Program (Raleigh NCSU/ Sophia

Professional Memberships 

  • Member of Directors· Committee, FRENCH RIVIERA TRACK & FIELD ASSOCIATION, N.C
  • Special Advisor of the President of the Olympic Committee, 2008-Present
  • President, Regional Federation for Track and Field, 2007-Present
  • President of Celebrities for Sports and Charities (SAS Prince Albert Monaco), 2005-Present
  • Administrator of A.I.A.M.I.P / International Association of Friends of the International Perfumery Museum, 1996-Present
  • Treasurer, C.I.R.M (International Centre for Musical Research), 1995-Present
  • Honorary Administrator, Society of French Perfumers, 1993-Present
  • Section Member (Economies Régionales et Aménagement du Territoire) of the Economic and Social Council (Palais d'Iena) of the French Republic, 1993-Present
  • Administrator, C.I.R.M (International Centre for Musical Research), 1992-Present
  • President A.I.T.P. / Association of Perfumery Engineers and Technicians, 1992-Present
  • President of A.I.A.M.I.P / International Association of Friends of the International Perfumery Museum, 1992-1995 (Inactive)
  • Member of the "Centre d'Evocation d'Art Mural", SIVOM Vallée du Vrin, La Ferté Loupière. – Administrator, Museums' Federation , Grasse, France (since 2012)., 1990 (Inactive)
  • Member of the Board, CLUB de GRASSE (Promotion of Commercial Trade between Southern Europe and the Pacific Basin), 1989-Present
  • Special Assistant: Plan de Grasse, 1989-1995 (Inactive)



  • 2013:  Best Professor in Marketing. World Education Congress.
  • 2012:  Best Sports Federation Manager/ Grands Prix du Sport. Regional Council Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur.
  • 2010:  Bronze Medal Track & Field Federation LCAA. Ligue d'Athlétisme.
  • 1996:  Ministery of Youth and Sports.
  • 1994:  FAUST Gold Award Toulouse 10/94.. Festival des Arts de l'Univers des Sciences et Technologies.


  • 2006:  Silver Medal. Ministery of Youth and Sports.
  • 2006:  Chevalier des Palmes Académiques. Ministery of Research and Education.
  • 1995:  International Rotary Club.
  • 1991:  Bronze Medal of Youth and Sport.


Best Professor in Marketing, World Education Congress, Mumbaï, India, June 2012.

Nominé Meilleur Dirigeant Associatif PACA 2012. Olympic Comitee

Pr.Dr. Ravi Shanker, Chairperson,  Indian Institute of Foreign Trade New Delhi, Kolkata

Dr. Sandrine Lacombe, Mundus Serp Chem, Paris Sud Orsay



Andrea Grimaldo –  European Patent Law part II

Born in Genoa (Italy) on March, 17 1972. Master in Mechanical Engineering at the Genoa University, Italian and European Patent and Trademark Attorney.

He is working in the Intellectual Property field since 2001, he started as a junior consultant in a small IP firm until reaching a managerial position in a large IP firm in 2011; as from 2014 he started his own IP firm in Monza (IT) and manages small and medium-sized Companies patent and trademark portfolios, as well as being IP Consultant for Italian Universities beside private clients.

Apart from the professional activities, since the beginning of his career he was strongly interested in the IP culture dissemination and in the IP training; to this extent he worked in training IP-related staffs of companies, University TTO offices, engineers and actually he is one of the teachers in the “Technology Innovation Valorization” course in the 2nd level Genoa University Master FORTEMARE.



Salvatore Majorana –  Technology Valorization




Salvatore is the Director of Technology Transfer at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), with responsibility of intellectual property protection and exploitation. His role includes supervision of the patent office activity as well as design and execution of programs to favor adoption of IIT’s technologies by industry and market players.

Prior to joining IIT, he was Managing Director of a boutique PE firm focused on Italian small-medium enterprises, he worked for AT Kearney and Deloitte, served as investment analyst and controller at the venture capital fund KIWI, and was expert researcher at Telecom Italia Lab (CSELT).

Salvatore holds an Engineering degree cum laude from Università di Catania (Italy) and an MBA from INSEAD (France and Singapore)



Giorgio Musso – Project Management




Giorgio Musso is born in Genoa, Italy, the 25th May 1946 and received the doctorate in Physics at the Genoa University.

He acted for many years as a industrial researcher and in its career he become the Research Director of Elsag and Elsag-Bailey, one of the most advanced Hi Thech companies in Italy and USA. In this period his experience spanned many field in the Advanced Industrial Automation and Artificial Intelligence areas, such as Computer Vision, Automatic Reasoning, Natural Language Understanding, Parallel Processing and Advanced Multiprocessing, as well as the area of Research Management of very large innovative projects.

Since 1995 he has been appointed as the Director of the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (IRST) in Trento, Italy, where several hundreds of researchers operate in the fields of Microelectronics and Artificial Intelligence.

Since 2007 he was the General Director of the Ligurian Centre for Scientific and Technological Research aimed at the territorial research development, where several Innovation Pole have been studied and realized.

He is author of more than 50 scientific papers and got four international industrial patents. Along his career he operated as professor in Cybernetics at the Physics Department of Genoa’s University and Trento’s University, as well as in many Research Management courses in Europe, and, in particular, at Genoa University and at SISSA Institute in Trieste, Italy.



Ryszard Naskrecki – Patent Law part I





He graduated in experimental physics (M.Sc.) from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, then he received his PhD degree in Physics at this same University, specializing in optical spectroscopy.

From 1993 to 1997 he worked as postdoctoral fellow in CEA Saclay (France) and University of Lille (France), working on ultrafast laser spectroscopy. After come back to Adam Mickiewicz University he obtained DSc. degree (Ph.D. with habilitation) in Physics (speciality: Photophysics, Molecular Physics). Then he became at Adam Mickiewicz University Associate Dean of Education in the Faculty of Physics, and  from 2005 to 2012 he became the Dean of this Faculty.

Ryszard Naskręcki is currently working at Adam Mickiewicz University as a full professor in Vision Science and Optometry Lab. and in Quantum Electronics Lab.

He manages a diverse research, didactics (director of degree programme) and enterprise portfolio and conducts programs of research in optical spectroscopy and vision science (research and professional education).

Presently he is also a president of Acreditation Commission for Optics and Optometry in Poland. R. Naskręcki is also an expert in Intellectual Property matters.



Nicolas Rabasso – New Technology for Information and Communication




Nicolas Rabasso is an Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d’Orsay (ICMMO) in the University Paris-Sud (France). His work is divided between teaching organic chemistry, to bachelor and master students, and research in the field of development of new methodologies for the synthesis of aminophosphonates.

Prior to join the ICMMO, he was a post-doctoral fellow at Boston University (USA) and worked with Professor John A. Porco Jr. on the synthesis of natural products.

Nicolas Rabasso holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry obtained from the University Pierre et Marie Curie (France). 




















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