Paul Joret (SoSMSE 2014)

"I am really conviced that this Summer School was a great opportunity for me to smartly fill the gap that exist between the world of industry and my univesitary studies.

Those two intense weeks gave me usefull tools for the beginning of my career in industry !
Indeed, learning about IP, Communication and Project Management for example has been really relevant for me in integrating an important R&D structure.

On an other side, I discovered a completlty new dimension of team-working! It was really great human experience to work hard for common goals, with brillant people from various disciplines and culture."

Jacinta Xto (SoSMSE 2014)

"SOMSE summer school was one of the best experiences I have had so far. It`s a mixture of fun, making new friends from diverse backgrounds and learning new exciting stuff which you don't get in the normal school curriculum. Although the programme is quite intensive, it was interactive with lots of group activities which made learning fun. I particularly enjoyed project management because we had to work in teams and come up with innovative doable project concepts and present our project plan to a panel. Additionally, it is worth noting that the venue for the summer school was amazing, it was in Genoa near the sea and the weather is always good in summer. Most evenings we used to hangout together enjoying the evening breeze and getting to know each other. I made lasting friendships from the summer school and I learnt a lot of useful skills most of which am currently applying in my current position."

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